June 7, 2008

Plastastic! Puur BabyC Cradle And/Or Something By Dripta Roy


It's not clear to me if Dripta Roy's babyC is as big as a cradle or as small as a car seat. Puur Design Studio's website describes it as both an "alcove-shaped environment" and a "light and versatile" product "perfect for the mother [sic] to sing the baby a lullaby and rock the angel to sleep."

What I do know is that buying a Mork-from-Ork-shaped anything with a four-month usable lifespan that's been molded out of polyethylene and engineered veneer is about as far from "palletsized research" as you can get. And buy it you can; see how the simple addition of a price tag makes a rendering feel so much more real?

babyCTM by Dripta Roy for Puur Design Studio, EUR 2650 [puur.ca via notcot]

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