June 5, 2008

Uhh, Plush Naked Hitler Doll

boris_hoppek_hitler.jpg boris_hoppek_kkk.jpg

Yeah, for about half a second, I thought it was because the artist and the gallery were German. But then I figured that plush naked Hitlers and cuddly [kuddly?] KKK dolls would be seriously disturbed anywhere.

Bimbo dolls by Boris Hoppek are EUR100 + shipping [heliumcowboy.com]



[KKKrafty! -ed.]

why would you waste both the time and the space posting this. do you find it funny? repulsive? what's the point?

[considering it required neither time nor space to express my stunned disapproval, I can't figure out the point of your condescending rhetorical question. -ed.]

I find it funny and repulsive.

Hey, wasn't Hitler one ball short. That doll doesn't seem anatomically correct. It's now off my Xmas list.

[and depite what that one crazy McCain preacher says, it looks like he wasn't Jewish, either.-ed.]

"I find it funny and repulsive."

Yeah, I felt that way too about the poo and pee plushies.

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