August 31, 2011

Wagonfreude: Rolls Royce Travestywagen For Sale In Dusseldorf


Technically, there is no bright side to this story: a hapless 1972 Rolls Royce was horrifically modded into a bloated, badonked-out station wagon. It was loaded with speakers and a giant flatscreen, as if it's perpetually on its way home from Costco. And now someone in Dusseldorf is trying to get back all the money they dumped into the project--do you know what chopshop hacks make in Germany? Not counting their 12 weeks paid vacations in Gran Canaria?


But if there were a bright side, it's probably that this old RHD workhorse was probably destined for the parts bin anyway. Those things are a pound a dozen in the UK.

Anyway, if you're in Germany and looking for a fun way to waste EUR60,000 why not just convert it all to cents and mail it to Greece?

Nice Price or Crack Pipe? Roller over Beethoven [jalopnik via dt wagon guru jj daddy-o]
ROLLS ROYCE Silver Shadow-Kombi Estate-restaur.Filmauto!, 59.900 EUR [, also gawker cache]

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