May 29, 2008

Duluth Trading: Plan Station Could Also Be World's Manliest Fold-Down Changing Table


Damn, surfing around Duluth Trading's website, makes me want a job-site.

They sell this awesome, portable plan station as a time-saving alternative to building your own temporary table: "Simply pound 2 nails into the wall, and slip 2, 24” x 48” scraps of plywood into the fabric panels of the Plan Station™ – you’ve got a complete work station in less than 5 minutes!"

Do the same with some progeny-weight-tested screwhooks, and you've got yourself a sweet, fold-down nylon changing table, too!

UPDATE: WHOA, WE HAVE PHOTOS. Andy just found the Plan Station manufacturer [it's Finley, not DT, though it fits right into their manly image.]



This thing even has a cupholder. Check out a pile of close-up photos at Amazon. This thing looks truly incredible, a changing table revolution.

Plan Station: A mobile mission control for the job site, $69.50


Yes, that thing is awesome. I'm imagining a guerrilla men's bathroom improvement campaign.

[for a dedicated changing table, it could be smaller. this thing is pretty big. -ed.]

I wonder what the weight limit would be on something like this, or how safe it would be as a changing table and until what weight.

I would buy this- and i am female- it would actually look somewhat inconspicuous in our NY studio

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