May 23, 2008

Go Figure: Tom Cruise Loses It Over PR-Hungry Baby Store

Not sure which is less surprising:

  • that the West LA publicity whores running the baby store Petit Tresor occasionally totally make shit up about celebrity purchases at the store.
  • that they self-importantly proclaim that they "don't talk about any of [their] clients" while simultaneously providing tabloids with a steady stream of "leaks" about celebrity purchases.
  • that Tom Cruise would get a little crazy about such a leak, where the store claimed Cruise and Holmes have spent $350,000-400,000 there on clothes for their kid, and send the store a cease & desist order.

    Because everyone knows they didn't buy that stuff; it was all gifted by the PR's for free.

    Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling [tmz via gawker]


    I was just thinking about how repulsive that store is while reading babychic101's post about a celeb's nursery designed by Petit Tresor. I really don't give a crap about these celeb nurseries since most of them, especially the ones designed by said store are so over the top. I guess A LOT of other people do.

    so wait, katie isn't spending some of that risky business money on frilly frocks for suri?! goodness gracious, now i'm not sure what could possibly her reason for still sticking around!

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