May 13, 2008

And If Medicaid Doesn't Pay For Your Kid's Ringbo Riding Robot Chair, We'll Reimburse You!

Honestly, forget teaching your kid Mandarin; Korea is where the future is at. The future of ride-on toys that look an awful lot like the cart grandma gets at the mall; the future of snappy brand coinage ["RINGBO will be shown by Airrobot at this week's Koreannovation Trade Show in NYC"]; and the future of music video. Seriously, watch even just half of the Ringbo promo video; the song is even better than the idea of one lonely kid spinning in circles on his little robot horse.

They transcribed the lyrics! Ringbo is for kids [engadget]


That is awesome. I just don't know if the kid will cry because he is only going in circles or because of his lack of appreciation for the music. Tough call.

Forget the robot, gimme that green outfit with the vest!

Who knew robots could be boring? That kid looks like he wants to go home. I hope he got some ice cream after riding the robot in circles in an empty room for an hour.

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