May 10, 2008

It Is Really, Really Not Easy Being Green. Really.

Wow, just wow. Better put the kids down for a nap before watching Sad Kermit do his cover versions of Elliot Smith's "Needle in the Hay" (The Royal Tenenbaums mix) or NIN's "Hurt."

Funny thing is, I've watched the Johnny Cash version with the kid before, no [apparent] problem [yet]. Maybe that's because Cash doesn't actually shoot up or cut a line like Sad Kermit does... or play with himself, or blow Rolf the dog, or powerpuke into the toilet...

Parody: Sad Kermit [ via kottke]
Not parody: Even Sadder Kermit x Terry Richardson x Supreme colabo


Does this make Kermit a plushophile?

I've seen both of these before and I still laugh my butt off. Thanks for sharing.

I love the theory and I love the practical application.

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