May 9, 2008

Lotta Jansdotter's Stuffed Toys Are Eco-Friendly!


Sure, I thought they were small and cute and pleasantly crafty, and the colors called forth fond memories of the fridges of my childhood. But thanks to the seven [seriously, I counted] mentions of their sustainable eco-friendliness in a one-paragraph post on Inhabitat, I fully expect Lotta Jansdotter's stuffed toys to be the stuffed linen solution to global climate change.

Buying one is like planting an acre of trees in the Amazon. Buy two, and it offsets the greenhouse emissions of your Denali for a whole year. Buy three or more, and Al Gore himself will wheel up in his little cherry picker and replace all your lightbulbs. Then he'll let you take a ride on his recumbent bicycle.

Linen soft toys, all around 5-7 inches, $18 [jansdotter via inhabitat]

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