May 7, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba!: It's What The Kids Are Watching These Days. WHEN THEY'RE HIGH.

This just in: ABC News reports that college students smoke pot. And watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

Which is funny, because I remember when it was launched, some raver described it as the Teletubbies with the Ecstasy baked right in. But now they're calling it "Bonanza meets Sesame Street." Which is SO DEEP!

On a related note, here is a version of Nick Cross's YGG "Kites Are Fun" animation with the Parallelograms' cover version of the song swapped out with The Free Design's original.

On another related note: Who's smoking what here? YGG! got totally stiffed on the Daytime Emmy nominations. No outstanding children's animation, no outstanding song, no outstanding directing, no outstanding pre-school or children's series, no outstanding performer? Just a single nod for outstanding costume, which freakin' Barney was even nominated for? That dinosaur hasn't changed his look in like 15 years!

"ABC News: Nickelodeon Show for Kids or Stoners?" [abcnews via gawker]
Daytime Emmy Awards To Be Telecast June 20, 2008 On ABC []


Yeah, I can totally see that show bigger in the stoner community than the preschool community.

I never thought somebody can outdo those scary Teletubbies.

my kids love this show and they are toddlers almost every kid I know enjoys this show. Wtf is wrong with you people its as if you don't want your children to learn to be creative and play nice with others! The best part about this show is that it teaches children that the best thing you can do is be yourself. And honestly college students smoking pot are going to watch anything. Even Teletubbies. They are high.

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