May 7, 2008

Wait, Carhartt For Toddlers? Did My Hipster Card Expire?


How did I not know about this? It feels like I was looking for Carhartt kid gear a couple of years ago, and couldn't find any. Or was that Dickies? Either way, now I'm worried that somehow, passing 40, not living in Brooklyn, having two kids, contemplating a station wagon, and never going out anywhere but ACE Hardware and Chick-Fil-A might be threatening my hipster parenting credentials.

Does it help or hurt that I was searching Cabela's for a child-size version of this? Put that on your earflap trapper hat and smoke it, emo boy.


Someone makes a fleece version, you let me know ASAP, y'hear?

Carhartt Toddler Duck Bib Overalls, $24.95 and Duck Dungarees, $22.95, also a t-shirt for $11.95 and other stuff at Cabela's []
M and XL only: Bridger Mountain Man Coyote Fur Hat, $199.95 []

Related: "too fat" baby wearing a trapper hat on the pilot cover of Cookie


I think you check your hipster card at the door when you start shopping at Cabela's. Definitely when you're shopping for the Coyote Fur Hat in toddler size.

BTW - do they make one?

[uh, no. I thought about it, and it'd have to be made from coyote puppies, which sounds like a Simpsons episode. -ed.]

Baby Carhartts are sweet, though they fit quite small. My 5 month old is just a hair small for the 12m size. The 2 year old wears a size 4.

Did you see the little arctic lined jackets? Now those are cute.

I know they have had baby overalls for at least 6 years, as Monster got his first pair at my baby shower.

Dude - Ebay is he way to go for Kids' Carhartt. Got the boy some overalls for his vigorous outdoor pursuits w/ the dogs. They do run small, but come in a bunch of colors (if you're so inclined).

I knew a guy who wore a coyote hat like that. All day. All year. In Cambridge, MA. Sweet fellow, just a little off center from the rest of us ... and the rest of us were over-educated history buffs, so the "off-center" must have been along an entirely different axis than we used.

a lux pelt hat...

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