April 11, 2008

Parisian Baby Photographer Sks Free NYC Pool For Fun, Mostly Profit


Let me get this straight.

You're an underwater maternity photographer who charges $1,000 for a 30-minute shoot with each pregnant woman and/or newborn baby.

Your currency has never been stronger, and now you want to come to New York and set up shop in Richard Gere's swimming pool for 4-5 days--or if Gere's isn't available, another private swimming pool might do--and you're willing to trade what, exactly? "Usually, i exchange the swimming pool with a photo session for family, wife or children!"

Here, let me put you on hold while I ask Mr. Gere... une petite minute, d'accord? Just stay on the line.

"I'll come soon from Paris to New York to organize some photos sessions to make underwater portraits with pregnant women." [curbed.com]
Petit Bain: Baby Underwater! [petitbain]

Previously: Urchin Rock: The underwater baby photographers of Britain

1 Comment

At what age do babies stop being cool with hanging out underwater like frogs, and gain the knowledge that humans aren't actually aquatic? I know if you stuck my head underwater without my consent, I'd come back to the surface and kick your ass. I'm just wondering when I acquired that response.

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