March 28, 2008

Whoa, Get Ready For The Launch Of BabyGap Home


And where six babystyles close, more than a dozen BabyGap Home stores take their place. Fourteen, actually, starting with existing BabyGap stores in CA, NY, Chicago, and Dallas.

Seems The Gap is getting ready to launch BabyGap Home, a store concept for selling all kinds of baby gear, not just clothes. I guess they won't take on the furniture beast, but the preview page on the company's site promises "a premium collection of our favorite bedding, strollers, car seats, toys, and more" from "the world's most trusted baby brands."

None of whom, I should add, bothered to leak me this big news ahead of time. Now how about we start making up for lost time, hmm? Before these joints open in early to mid-April?

babyGap Home: coming soon! [ via dt reader chris]


Ick. Say - whatever happened with the Restoration Hardware stores...weren't they working on their own Kid Shops?

Why oh why do I have to be done having children? I would have LOVED to have this for my kid five years ago. :(

Can't wait for the kaki baby bedroom collection

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