March 26, 2008

Kermit The Frog Here, In The Cold, Dead Vacuum Of Space


Kermit the attention-whoring frog was last seen trying to reclaim the irreparably lost cool of his youth by doing a photoshoot for skate emperors Supreme with noted downtown skanktographer Terry Richardson.

Then he resurfaced a couple of weeks later, making a shameless promotional appearance aboard the International Space Station. [He probably hid in Japanese astronaut Takao Doi's carry-on bags on the latest space shuttle Endeavour flight. That's the dude at left.]

Anyway, whether NASA was embarrassed by the Richardson thing, or they're just fed up with whatever Disney Japan marketing stunt they got roped into, the watchdogs at NASA Watch report that this photo of Kermit has been scrubbed from the NASA website. Unless the frog turns up at a celebrity gifting suite soon, we can only assume he has joined it at the center of a black hole.

What Happened To Kermit The Space Frog? [nasawatch]

1 Comment

Oh my gob! My son has that Kermit! AND that Old Navy orange flight suit! OK, well, maybe this one isn't Old Navy, but it's pretty darned close, dontcha think?

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