March 19, 2008

WTD: 4-Handed Swami To Count Pinball Number Count Cover Versions


Seriously, that DJ Food remix and The Family Guy are just the tip of the iceberg. At his music blog Fong Song, blogger Fongolia has tallied up at least 17 cover versions of "Pinball Number Count," the classic Sesame Street animation sung by the Pointer Sisters.

I'd be interested to hear Blind Spot's version of "12" on the all-punk, 1995 compilation album, "20 Bands Trash 20 Songs to find the way to Sesame Street," but it doesn't sound easy to find.

But I like the jazz piano version by the Neil Cowley Trio, which I found on Napster [talk about blasts from the past.]

And the remixes don't stop with the music. You'll remember that someone had posted DIY instructions for building a Pinball-style clock last year. But did you know that Paul van Buuren made a working version of the clock in Flash, too? Crazy-sweet.

There's a goofy dance video by Canadian hipster [sic] Mike Long, which looks like some of that new-fangled Techtonik dancin' all the kids are doing, only on the set of WKRP. And there's an intricately produced computer wallpaper that tied into DJ Food's original release.

Which gives me hope that the real wallpaper--licensed or just "inspired by"--or nursery wall decals can't be too far off. Right? And the Pinball Number Count mechanical toys? Is anyone listening?

Pinball Number Count [fong song via afc]

1 Comment

awesome post (both your and fong song's!)

Somehow i missed the fact that Medeski Martin and Wood have a new album out and it's for kids. sweet redemption. it's great!

on another note, my wife is in the background asking me to stop playing the pinball song since she's heard 5 or more different versions in the last 10 minutes...

[meanwhile, I've stumbled on to "I in the Sky," which I had totally forgotten. Can't find music credits anywhere yet. stay tuned. -ed.]

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