March 19, 2008

Steve Zuckerman's Awesome, Moody, Hippie Songs On Sesame Street

These things are like Pringles; once you open the can and have one, you just can't stop. The kid was really withdrawn and bummin' when she came home from pre-school this afternoon, so we sat down to an episode of Old School Sesame Street, which led to the Ladybug Picnic, which led to the Pinball, which led to the Carmen-singing orange, and on and on.

Next up: "I in the Sky," which I had forgotten until twenty minutes ago. Now I want to make, "It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon" t-shirts.

"Lowercase n" sounds like it could be the second verse of "I in the Sky"; it's got the same acoustic guitar; one, sometimes two earnest voices singing in minor key. The voice is the composer's, Steve Zuckerman, who was just 20 and starting his music career when he got the Children's Television Workshop pitch request.

His first animated track--and according to his email to The Onion AV Club, his favorite of the three Street songs he made that first season--was "Imagination Rain," about a kid turning his house into the jungle and floating away on a pillow. Unfortunately, the only version on YouTube at the moment is the 1990's funk remake by Richie Havens.

Steve Zuckerman [muppet wiki]
Steve Zuckerman Music


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Thanks for the unabashed plug!

Steve Zuckerman (4-18-2011)

Here is the Steve Zuckerman version:

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