March 19, 2008

Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect Useful For Dads With No Other Humor Outlet

So I pointed out yesterday that Nickelodeon's executives described "moms" and kids "on mom's lap" as two prime targets for their new $100 million, 600+ games, online marketing push. Which is a little lame, but mostly, it's fine, and not just because most kids are still raised primarily by women. Women are huge online gameplayers; and really, the Nick sites are pretty parent-centric overall; the copy and activities show they're not trying to mom it up too much. Pitching a mom game section with "Need some 'me time'?" is not like starting an Easter craft article with, "10 Fun craft ideas for your old panty hose containers!"

Anyway, ParentsConnect, Viacom's parenting forum site, is apparently dad-friendly, too. Why, just yesterday, a user named TennisDad got some very quick responses to this urgent question:

Soon-to be Proud father of SEXTUPLETS!! all boys too: my wife and I love unusual names, we have one daughter, zdzisia, and she loves her unusual name too!
We are thinking about Kakielekea, Yuyutsu, Tywawin, Imo, Lukaszeke, Disston, and Syed. Are these TOO strange?
TennisDad | submitted Mar 18 2008, 09:24 PM

We have just discovered they are SEPTUPLETS!! there is a pair of identical twins, and one of triplets. Ebenezeromeo, after his grandpa, is our preferred name for the seventh BOY. we feel their names should be odd to distinguish them TennisDad Mar 18 2008, 09:27 PM

Though I like Ebenezeromeo, I hope another baby turns up in a couple of minutes so he can name them Poonam, Sashi, Pria, Uma, Anoop, Sandeep, Nabendu, and Gheet.

Baby Names Advice: Chat it up! []
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