March 18, 2008

Hey, Ladiiiiees!!!


This just in from DT advertiser--and pudgy baby nixer--Cookie Magazine:

Moms are the real experts, so we know that the most trusted advice is the Word of Mom. Tell us what the best products are for you and your family!
This is where I would encourage you to tell your baby mamas to join Cookie's Word of Mom movement, so they can see their favorite products, companies, and mom blogs earn the all-important Cookie Word of Mom Reader's Choice Seal.

But since Word of Dad is barely worth the warm spit it produces, and you apparently don't know jack anyway, there's not much point.

Cookie Magazine's Word of Mom! [ via dt reader mike]


While I can see the marketing angle, give us a little credit. I and plenty of dads definitely know what kid products are worthless.

I dropped Cookie shortly after it debuted. I had high hopes, but they are all about the Moms.
This reinforces what I knew all along: we're just accessories.

Wow, Tom and I think alike.

I thought Cookie was the alternative to the cheesy parents magazines that catered to only mom. Over the last year, they're becoming more like Family Circle and Parents, except with better pictures.
That's one subscription I won't be renewing.

I thought the same about Strollerderby for a while there, as well... now it is as if they don't even try to not be a mommyblog...

Sperm donors and wallets, Tom, sperm donors and wallets.

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