March 5, 2008

Orange County, CA: Stultifying Suburban Idiocy Producing Rebellious Teenagers Since 1981


"Is Your Child A Tagger?"

Your child has large quantities of magic markers in various colors, types and sizes, spray-paint cans, shoe polish containers, or dot markers used to mark bingo cards.


Your child has or carries a black artist notebook that contains tagging or drawings. These books are called "bibles" or "piece books.”

When DT reader Travis sent this to me this morning, I figured it was a parody from Details magazine or something. Turns out it's an official guide for parents published by the Graffiti Task Force of the Santa Ana Police Department.

Twenty five years ago, Orange County had Skateboarding Task Forces; now they have giant skateparks at the mall. Guess that means tagging galleries are about 20 years off. Some things never change. Travis is totally right, though: this'd make a righteous wall mural for a kid's room.

SAPD > Investigations > CAP > Graffiti & Tagging []


I knew that it was a waste of taxpayer dollars the moment I saw. If your kid is dressing and behaving like that a reasonable parent would investigate to make sure their kid wasn't about to go on a rampage.

I lived in Orange County, trust me - the obvious signs don't resonate with the parents down there.

The vast majority have the attitude of "not my kid - it HAS to be somebody elses..."

as a dad that is into street art just google how much some of these "urban art pieces" are being sold for in galleries. My daughter and I have graffiti day- we use chalk!

this is so lame...... you parents need to leave your kids alone.

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