March 5, 2008

New Honda Accord Tourer In Geneva, Not US, Bien Sur


Beat your head against the wall lately? If not, check out Jalopnik's Geneva Auto Show gallery of the 2009 Honda Accord Tourer with an optional i-DTEC diesel engine and--oh, who cares what else it has? We've been down this road before, and it doesn't lead to the States. Chikishou...

Geneva Auto Show: European Honda Accord Wagon [jalopnik]
Previously: Magnifique! Le Nouvelle Honda Accord Wagon


It drives me crazy that these cars don't ever make it to the US, despite their higher fuel economy and rising gas prices.

I wonder what it would cost to have one shipped here. I know Volvo has a program where you can go over to Europe and pick up your new car drive it around and then have it shipped back to the states.

The European delivery programs run by Volvo, BMW, etc. sell you a US-spec car. You can't import a non-US compliant car without making first it safety and emissions compliant, so trying to import a grey market Accord wagon would probably run you over $100k pretty easily. It's a little easier to import cars from Canadia, but not much.

Stop fretting, I have it on good authority that Honda will start selling their new 2.2 i-DTEC 150hp in the Acura TSX before 2010! :-}

Yes, but does it come with a rear-facing third-row???

[the Japanowagons almost never do; they have crazy-shallow third row seats instead, at least in JP. -ed.]

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