March 3, 2008

Hit Or Miss? First-hand Accounts Of Dwell For Target


So the Dwell for Target [oops, make that DwellStudio for Target] bedding collection has been in stores for a few weeks now, and it looks fine; it has nice, Dwell-y design with get-what-you-pay-for quality. But the nursery furniture is online-only, and the first orders have been hitting porches beginning last week. [Or not, as the case may be. The mentions on Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh of back orders and slipped ship dates make it sound like they only launched with a tiny, test-sized inventory.]

So what's the experience of the quick-clicking folks who actually got their dressers and cribs and what not? They range from "a can of spray paint shot directly in our faces" to a crash course in the nuances of high-end-sounding marketing hype, which amounts to the same thing.

One mom-to-be, Tara, , was "so disappointed" with the spray paint-scale offgassing of the "non-toxic finish" and/or the MDF on their Silverlake changing table, they returned it. Another couple reports they were not assaulted at all by their Mercer Glider.

And one commenter points out the "solid wood construction" changing table he bought at Target [not Dwell] was a combination of pine and mdf, too.

The key is to read the fine print with some skepticism; don't expect all wood or low-VOC MDF unless they're explicitly mentioned [which I'm sure they would be]; and keep in mind that "non-toxic" and "doesn't smell like glue, varnish, or paint" are not the same thing. If you think about it, have you ever heard anyone marketing a crib with an "exclusive, toxic finish"? "Non-toxic" seems like a pretty low bar.

Any more firsthand accounts of DwellStudio for Target out there?

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I'm always puzzled by the people who expect Target to be something different than Wal*mart with nicer designs.
Heck, Wal*mart's actually a little more dedicated to environmental causes so you might be more likely to find the less toxic stuff there. Although I wouldn't count on it.

Well, the textiles are fine. In fact not much different in touch/feel than the regular Dwell line. We purchased the circles or dots, whatever its called and its pretty cute. I have no need for a crib/changing table etc.. I have the gear from the first kid.

We ordered the Soho crib and a mess of the linens and given the price-point, are fairly pleased. These are for baby no. 2, and as with the rest of the world, just did not want to spend as much this time around. The linens feel identical to their Dwell brethren we bought for baby no. 1 at 3 times the price. So chalk one up for Target there. The crib assembled the same as any other drop-side crib and has the same quality as any other $250 drop-side crib (it actually comes in a Storkcraft box, who makes almost all the other Target cribs). Could it be sturdier, yes; could it be painted better, hell yes; did it assemble well and look and do exactly as advertised, yes. It ends up being exactly what it purports to be -- good looking and relatively inexpensively made.


I've bought some of the Dots/Circles pieces and some of the clothing for #2.

The Dots/Circles flannel pieces are actually pretty good quality and are holding up to daily washings pretty well (#2 has reflux issues).

The clothing line is actually pretty nice and is also holding up well with washings 3-4 times weekly. I wish they had a few more choices in colors and sizes, but overall I am pleasantly surprised with the quality.

I ordered the Silver Lake Crib on Feb 25th and after some odd shipping delay notifications, it showed up on March 5th..way ahead of the expected delivery date.

I agree with the comments about the smell. It's a strong glue smell, kind of like paint thinner. I aired it out for a few days and assembled it. Quality is just OK, but not as flimsy as I was expecting based on some reviews. When it was all put together, I thought it was decent and reasonably sturdy.

Just today I saw that the matching changer was available so I ordered it. I'll see how that goes.

All in all - quality is OK for the price, ordering and shipping was confusing (the crib was always sold out and then available only for a short time), and the glue smell is a legit concern. It looks good in person and we are happy with it.

We also bought the Circles gear, so we'll see how that washes up.

One additional comment - the crib components (sides, rails, frame) are all solid wood. The drawer sides and backs are definitely MDF. The strong smell may be the white paint, or it could be glue.

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