February 24, 2008

For Sale This Second: 1986 Rolls Royce Station Wagon, Bugaboo Not Included


Alright, for some inexplicable reason, it's Rolls Royce Station Wagon season around here. No sooner do I post a random photo from the streets of London, than DT reader JJ Daddy-o turns up a 1986 Silver Spirit, custom converted into an estate by, it seems, the eBay seller himself.

For some reason, he's been sitting on this artifact of his past coachbuilding life, and now in the span of a few hours, he's trying to whip up a frenzy to sell the darn thing offline. At a price somewhere between the opening bid of $28,000 and the "offers over £17,600" the guy is claiming to have waiting for him.

Though they're not as fugly as the later mutants like the Silver Seraph and the Phantom, I'm confess, I'm not a huge fan of the chunky, 80's era Rolls Royces. And more specifically, the D-pillar on this don't seem too clean. But seeing as how I missed [!] that original 1969 Rolls I posted about when it re-sold last fall for $42,000, this is what we're left with. My suggestion: throw in a Bugaboo Gecko and just let the thing run its course on eBay.

1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn ESTATE CAR, somewhere between $28,000 and £17,600, auction ends any second [ebay via dt reader jj daddy-o]

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The Station Wagons Of Rolls Royce Not Exactly The Rolls Royces Of Station Wagons


my car, sold on ebay for £17,600 usd.

drove like a late range rover.

was formally used in its life to carry the little boxes of deceased little ones.
so the family could take the last ride with their loved ones together instead of following.

so any piss taking will result in your testicles being eaten in front of you by my 2 dogs.

you stay classy, Rolls Royce owner. As a hearse, the car is near perfection.

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