February 23, 2008

This Is How They Rolls: Silver Shadow Station Wagon + Bugaboo Gecko

I was slow to pick up on its minimalistic charms, but I miss the Bugaboo Gecko something fierce. And while I applaud the folks at Bugaboo for achieving approximately 100% of the Rolls Royce station wagon driver market, I can't help but wonder if the rig would still be in production today if only they'd targeted a slightly larger demographic.

Thanks to Wesley, DT's Expat Dad In London, for this choice photo of a Gecko spotted in the wild, in front of the V&A. If only that Silver Shadow estate conversion that looks suspiciously like a camper top weren't blocking the shot...

Previously: The Station Wagons Of Rolls Royce Not Exactly The Rolls Royces Of Station Wagons [though for just $37k, I'm willing to cut some slack]


Huh? Did they just park the Rolls in the middle of the road while they unload?

If you can afford the $50 daily congestion/pollution tax I can see not caring about parking tickets, but you'd think even the obscenely rich would take pause at, you know, Mom and Baby playing Frogger...

My very first thought upon seeing this post...
"Why are they putting that stroller in the back of that hearse?"

I second the hearse comment! This has got to be owned by the Addams family: they're obscenely rich; they drive a Rolls that doubles as a hearse; and, of course, they would love the kids to play frogger with limey drivers.

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