February 22, 2008

Security Theater Of The Absurd: Scan-It Toy Security Checkpoint

I know it looks like just a cardboard box with a jacked up Homeland Security Threat Level sticker on the side, but the Operation Checkpoint Scan-It toy security X-ray machine is much more. It has some little beeping thing...
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Fun, New SWINXS Encourages Fitness, Robotic Subservience

When I first saw SWINXS on Engadget the other day, I thought it was just another of those RFID-enabled, programmable gaming platforms that purports to encourage physically active play while secretly conditioning children to the idea of taking orders...
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Toyetic?? If Yo Gabba Gabba! Is Star Wars, Then I'm Steven Spielberg

Gosh, how much I love Kidscreen, the trade magazine of the children's television industry [tagline: "About reaching children through entertainment"]? I'd love it even if my boys from Yo Gabba Gabba! weren't on the cover [:)] of the big, fat...
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FOUND! That Sweet Plexi Hospital Bassinet UNFORTUNATELY SMALL!

In his burgeoning collection of dad-and-newborn-related Playmobil pieces, Mr. Stinkhead features this tableau: a new dad videotaping a baby in one of those sweet, plexiglass and steel bassinets from the hospital. It's like Playmobil is jacked into my head,...
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Hieroglyphic Peter Rabbit At The British Museum

As if Peter Rabbit weren't anachronistic enough, what with all the "presentlys" and cucumber frames and fortnights and whatwhat, a couple of Egyptologists at the British Museum have translated the text faithfully [sic] into hieroglyphics. The sign for "whom"...
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XCountry Dad Heartily Endorses This Event And Product

The word from Hemmings blog guru--and DT's man in the backcountry--David Travers Adolphus on the Tough Traveler Stallion backpack carrier: "Finally." The white thing seen dangling below, the all-weather hood, is a must--for a city kid. The word on...
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