February 21, 2008

Offecct Playhouse: Toys For The Office


Kidsmodern has a report from the Stockholm Furniture Fair that's worth checking out. It includes some new pieces from the Danish folks at Collect Furniture, but the idea that caught my attention is the Playhouse set by Andres Breitholtz for the Swedish manufacturer Offecct. The houses are 40 cm long cold foam and soft polyurethane blocks on a 2-meter streetscape carpet:

Lately, young designer Anders Breitholtz was given free rein to develop a proposal that works in offices and other settings when mum and dad are busy doing other things.
The solution was developed through play. The idea behind Playhouse is that children can use a few basic components to create an endless number of versions.
I guess they don't have Post-It notes in Sweden; throw a couple of packs of those at the kid, and she's good for an hour, at least. apparently, she's not alone.


News from the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008 [kidsmodern]Offec
Offecct: the company [offecct.se]
image: Post-It Prank: Damon's New Office [interactivetools.com]


Don't they have Monopoly in Sweden? Those are obviously hotels, and not houses...

I got a chuckle out of thinking what my boss would say if he walked in on this....umm...artwork in progress. Maybe I'll try it myself. (in his office, over the weekend...)

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