February 16, 2008

In NYC? Go See Guy Ben-Ner's Videos At Postmasters TODAY


We'll talk about it later, but today, Saturday, is the last day to see Guy Ben-Ner's show at Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19th Street [near 10th Ave.] So hustle.


Ben-Ner's an at-home dad who makes his art with his family. "Stealing Beauty," his newest piece--the one you're going to see today, right?--is filmed entirely in Ikea. Make that Ikeas. With guerrilla-style camera setups, the artist, his wife, and kids would take over model rooms in Ikeas around the world and start acting out the soap operatic script he wrote. Guest stars include totally confused other customers and the occasional Ikea employees coming to break up the action.

Guy Ben-Ner at Postmasters through Feb. 16 [postmastersart.com]


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