February 13, 2008

4-yo Rokke Stingray Rocking Chair Wins Innovation Award


Thomas Pedersen's Stingray rocking chair was designed in 2004, and has been for sale for at least two years. So when I saw it described on Dwell.com as "NEW" and a winner of the Interior Innovation Award at this year's Cologne Furniture Fair, I was all geared up for a good smugmocking.

But I guess upholstery and finish options count as innovations in Germany, so Dwell's off the hook. In addition to the original plastic, the Stingray [which is called a Rokke in Danish, btw] now comes in molded plywood with oak, walnut, or flashy macassar veneer. And now you can get it with torquey upholstery, too.


Considering that the original Stingray was made in molded fiberglass, these new ply Stingrays complete the Eames Homage Checklist. All kidding aside, that is one sexy-looking rocker, and the new materials will no doubt appeal to anyone not living in a Bat Cave. But I'd still like to see how people get in and out of that thing. Also, can you balance a bottle on one of those wings, or do you need to sink a cupholder? The answer to that, might be good for another Innovation Award.

Stingray Rocking Chair by Fredericia, now in veneer [fredericia.com via dwell]
Previously: Rokke is Danish for Stingray Rocking Chair

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Probably one of the nicer "Eames-inspired" designs I've seen recently, although it always struck me as having probably a fairly large footprint - not ideal for a small apartment or tiny SoCal ranch. Likes the bent ply and fabric version, though.

[the fabric gives it a bit of the Bertoia Diamond Chair feeling. in a good way. -ed.]

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