February 7, 2008

Great Moments In Marketing: The Story of Hushamok

The boardbook comes down from the Hushamok tribe,
In the big game I call, "Pitch it to me."
The PRs, it's said, try to get in my head,
And since I find the press kits quite gloomy...



I was gonna do a whole reworked version about little Hushamok, but wow, have you seen how many verses that song has?? Anyway, sweet press kits disguised as boardbooks has now leapt above colic, superstylishness, portability, and a place to hang your clothes when the kid outgrows it as the top reason you should buy a Hushamok.

All you other publicists out there, take note.

Lyrics for "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" [chrischabot.com]
Previously: Hushamok: a Soloflex for new parents ; Saks children's book; oh wait, there were two; plus that kid's book Andre Balasz did to sell his condos on Mercer St.


Hammocks are a bit more complex than cribs, definitely something to test out in person if you can.

My first child used am Amby Baby hammock and we liked it.

Noted. Quite cute, you're right. Glad to hear cute and clever goes a long way...

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