February 5, 2008

Transnational Migration & Parenting Style

A bit random, sourcewise, but interesting. It's from a project by a neighbor of ours in DC, an online journal called Migration Information Source, which just got a glowing writeup in the NY Times yesterday. Wellesley sociology professor Peggy Levitt wrote about some of her field research in the Dominican village of Miraflores [For an in-depth look, check her 2001 book on the intertwined communities of Miraflores and Jamaica Plain, Boston, The Transnational Villagers]:

Young women no longer want to marry men who have never migrated because they want husbands who will share in the housework and take care of the children the way men who have been to the United States do.
Transnational Migrants: When "Home" Means More Than One Country [migrationinformation.org]
A Tiny Staff, Tracking People Across The Globe [nyt]

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