January 10, 2008

Searing Lactivist News! Nestle Brands Babies In China, Gets Smoked By Children's Book Author

red_env_branding_iron.jpgTrain your headlights on these tantalizingly ample developments in the lactivists' global battle against the ringleader of Big Formula, Nestlé.

Lactivists got to Sean Taylor, the author of When A Monster Is Born, which won gold medal in the 2007 Nestlé Children's Book Prizes. They convinced him to reject Nestle's prize check [or cheque, since it's in the UK] in protest of Nestle's marketing practices aimed at mothers in developing countries. He accepted the award, though, which was voted on by children, happily breast- and/or formula-fed British children.

Nestlé Children's Book Prize winner refuses Nestlé money - Sean Taylor rejects cheque [babymilkaction.org via dt reader sara]
2007 Nestlé Children's Book Prize [nestle.co.uk]

Now about those marketing practices. It's an absolute outrage that Nestlé is branding newborn babies in China?? It's as if the Opium Wars never happened!

Oh wait, what's that? Branding means, "sneaking a Nestlé infant formula logo onto the babies' ankle ID tag at the hospital." No harm no foul! Oh, actually, that is a foul, according to the International Baby Food Action Network's reading of the WHO's marketing rules. See details of the hubbub at the probably completely non-partisan blog, Boycott Nestle - Protect Infants.

Nestle defends branding babies boycottnestle.blogspot.com via BMA]


Ha! The joke is on Nestle! Newborns can't see all the way to their ankles! There's no way they'll build up brand loyalty before those ankle tags are removed! They gotta fire that marketing guy...

Well, more power to that writer for turning down their sack of silver! We use formula when we need to but the whole approach in so many developing countries is to turn it into a status symbol - somehow, it's better to use formula. The medical benefits of breastfeeding are thoroughly much proven and I'm a bit disappointed at your tone here.

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