January 4, 2008

Hospitalspotting: Cambro Coffee Cart/Changing Table


If I had a big enough truck and a suitable distraction for the guards, the stainless/plexi bassinet isn't the only piece of potential nursery furniture I'd load up and take home tomorrow.

This rather sweet cart is molded from a single 62 lb piece of polyethylene; the petroleum that went into this thing must be worth a hundred bucks on its own. The raised edge on the 33x20-inch top could hold a standard changing pad just fine. Those huge shelves underneath could hold everything else.


As an even greater temptation, it was parked right next to the front door, where it belongs--for the moment--to the little coffee kiosk.

But ultimately, there's no need; the cart by Cambro is readily available online. It's only about $300 and comes in a range of institutional colors.

Campro BC230 Open Service Cart with full swivel wheels, $302 + shipping at Instawares [instawares.com]
Actually see the colors, but watch the shipping complications at DEI Equipment, $337 [deiequipment.com]

Previously: Industrial Changing Tables

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If you do not like the carts above or is too expensive, take a look at the versacart, its a folding hand cart.


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