December 31, 2007

Hmm, I Love The Smell Of Dutch Mahogany Modular Kid's Furniture In The Morning


Hmm, the subtly carved chair legs in beautiful mahogany; the matching mahogany connector system on the stool corners; the seemingly interchangeable chair seat and stool top; the four bolt holes on the side that could be for attaching another unit; those otherwise inexplicable bolts sticking out of the stool legs that must be for attaching another unit.

I don't know what this Dutch child's chair and stool is, or where it's from, but it looks well and modularly made, and I like that.

Not $1200 like it, but still.

Dutch Child's Chair, $1200 at Wright Now, the for-sale section of Chicago auction house Wright20's website [ via andy]

Andy's update after the jump: another photo shows it's cool, but not so modular.



whoa. click 'details & condition'. there's a shot with the stool tucked, flipped and hanging upside down under the chair. some kind of crazy potty chair for a kid with really good aim?

whoa, indeed.

guess that means it's not quite modular?

I like your version better.

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