December 21, 2007

DT Window Shopping Roundup: Wooden Bikes, Euro Magazines, Baby Daddy Edition

Some things spotted around the web:


Even though they're tacky and kind of insipid--well, the World Wildlife Federation was, the one for bigger kids, from National Geographic, is not that bad--the kid absolutely loves getting her magazines. It's mail! For her! The world can really use a lot more--or any, for that matter--fun, cool, smart magazines for little kids. So I really hope Okido is such a magazine, though targeting the whole 2-7 yo range seems ambitious. Unfortunately, it's $10 a copy, so I won't be finding out about its awesomeness any time soon. [6 issues/yr, £30 for an international subscription at, via little fashion gallery]


Good gravy, is there anything in this world that is not made instantly adorable by being rendered in plush and having a couple of giant, plaintive eyes stuck on it? Support the independent artisans of the Goo-goo Eye Industrial Complex by buying some of discodip's happy dolls. Or, you know, wait till next week, then teach'em a thing or two about capitalism by lowballing them on their unsold Christmas Tree inventory. [discodip Christmas Tree, $30 at etsy via notcot]


If the Dutch landscape architecture firm West 8 has their way, the 40-acre, abandoned Coast Guard station on Governors Island in New York Harbor will become a veritable Like-a-Bike Shangri La, a park filled with awesome wooden bikes, which anyone can ride around all day, for free. And then they all turn into donkeys and are sent to work digging the Second Avenue subway FOREVER. [streetsblog via curbed]

Not a product per se--oh, hell yeah, it's a product, who'm I kidding? I don't feel like blogging one bit about Jamie Lynn Spears' teen pregnancy; she's not on Nick Jr., after all. But I do love that the knockup dustup has the Associated Press writing headlines like, "Teen Spears' Baby Daddy Eludes Media." Also, the dude's uncle is named Reverend Odus. We're country, y'all! [nyt/ap]

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