December 21, 2007

Checkin' Out The Family Joolz

Joolz Bloom - seat side view

It's been too long since we had a good, old-fashioned stroller gawking around here. As it turns out, a new Joolz Bloom was recently delivered to a dad-to-be in the midwest, who we'll call G Dawg. Because that's what I expect his friends will shout when he rolls up with this mad, "Bugaboo-meets-Xplory-and-Quinny in an Amsterdam boutique hotel" babywhip. G Dawg's photoset of the Bloom are in the daddytypes pool on flickr:

Just took delivery of a red Joolz Bloom. Went through There was a special so the pram (stroller) with bassinet and diaper bag and shopping bag (good for a few cans of soda?) cost $1050 U.S. delivered to [our state].

If you've ever put together IKEA furniture you know what the instructions are like. Took me two hours- I am a freaking surgeon!

Solidly constructed, powder coated aluminum. Turns well (the Quinny Buzz turns better, but is lower)

The bassinet is huge. Worth it for six months. I may let the tyke sleep in it all the time...I may be kidding.

It's slick. My fellow...well fellows at work called it the Ferrari of strollers. It's like, if I gotta push it I may as well look good. Wonder if I could pass off a wagon Audi RS4 on the wife?

It took about 3 weeks to get here from Amsterdam. My colleague called and said I had boxes from..."Amsterdam"...ominously as though it was from house of hashish or something.

It's nice. It's a stroller at the end of the day, but it puts the tyke higher, it's not a dang bugaboo (too plentiful in [our city]). Plus it'll surprise my wife at her baby shower.

Sure I won't see another one in [our town], doubt I'll see one in [our city]...maybe NYC?

Thanks, G Dawg, and good luck!

Joolz Bloom walkaround (photoset) [daddytypes @ flickr]

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I wonder how he'll feel when his Ferrari stroller is coated in juice stains, dried milk crust and orange cheeto powder. Can't see spending that much on a stroller, even if it comes with a bassinet. Yikes!

{it's what a Cameleon runs these days, more or less. I blame the euro. As for stroller crud, it's just a question of finding the right detailing shop nearby. Or, you know, giving it a onceover with the vacuum hose now and then. -ed.]

i dont see what its got on the stokke, unless it folds. maybe i am just looking forward to returning to our beloved stokke next month, after 8 months apart.

[The Stokke reference was to the unusually high seat position, mostly. To a true Stokke believer, I'm sure nothing can compare. -ed.]

It folds. In one piece. This stroller has three features the Xplory doesn't:
It folds in one piece, the seat is fully reclineable both ways, and the ride is much smoother thanks to the air-filled wheels. The xplory has adjustable height and a large shopping basket. The shoppingbasket is THE dealbreaker for me, as i like to take the stroller for trips to the store. Another good thing about Bloom, is that you are not dependent on a special footmuff. Comparing it to the Buzz is just wrong. I tried it, and the darned thing doesnt even fit my oneyearold... I think the Buzz may be specially designed for children between four and eight months...

[yow, sounds like the Buzz designers should be getting coal this Christmas. -ed.]

Looks good, but I have the same question for this as for the FP bugthingie (that's the name I'm sure of it!) and the Icandy seat we spoke of several months ago...
The seat just looks so small. Smaller even than the Kolcraft Double and that seat is small. I can't imagine with the hood on that this seat would accomodate a three year old or even a large two year old. Any specs from G Dawg on that front? Because for the cost it better last the kid til he's at least nearly 4!

How did you get this thing delivered to U.S. I've been looking at it since the first dt post and I couldn't figure out how to get it here. Also, is it compatible with the US car seats? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

[I'd expect that babytrader arranged all the (not so inexpensive) shipping. probably cost about 60-70 euros? And if it has car seat adapters, they're only for maxi-cosi, but those should work on the US-spec m-c car seat, the Mico. -ed.]

You are correct - they will send it to the U.S. for about 3 bills... I've e-mailed MaxiCosi to confirm that the adapter they sell will work with the Mico. Did you know for certain that this was the case? This WILL work with a MC Mico?

I'm deciding between the Bloom and the Orit and, if I'm going to order the Bloom, I need to resolve the carseat compatibility issue ASAP.

Thanks again for the quick response.

Wow, that is cool. Looks like a Bugaboo from Blade Runner.

The area for the baby is pretty small though. Also, can it fold into a box that can fit in my pocket? Because that's the only way I'd give up the Bug.

Actually babytrader charges about $110 to ship to the states. They had some kind of 10% off your first purchase coupon going and you don't pay sales tax. It all evensa out in the end.

Is the Bloom seat position as high as the Xplory?

Hi! I am dying to import my joolz bloom to the US. However, I donĀ“t understand if you just order the stroller and the stroller gets to your house in the US, or if you have to go through an import process...

Does Babytrader take care of actually everything?

Thanks a lot!

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