December 20, 2007

Great To Be Us: Sweet Handcarved Cars From Milano


To be Us cars and such are designed by Matteo Ragni and handcarved by Master Giovanni out of a single block of Lebanese cedar. Then they're outfitted with mahogany wheels.

The windshield on Il Pick Up, which looks like it could fit the heel of your hand exactly, is almost as nice as the rear deck on La Sportiva. The sports car has some of the tastiness of the Ferrari 250 GTO by way of the Maserati GranTourismo.

To be Us is/will be available at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan. All's I can tell is, they cost more than EUR2,50.

To be Us: a Matter of Toys [ via andy at storkbitesman How does he find this stuff?]
Spazio Rossana Orlandi []

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As my daughter would say... LIKE THIS!

I did find the YouTube video, which is actually kind of unexciting. -ed.]

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