December 4, 2007

WTF Coloring Books

Posse Comi-WHAT-us? I can hear you!

The kid's been coloring her way through the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture and our new kitchen shelves, so when my dad brought the kid an NSA CryptoKids coloring book a couple of weeks ago, I didn't post it.

And when Newsweek wrote about the anti-pedophile coloring book put out by the New York Archdiocese [!], I didn't post it.

But now that the fine folks at MetaFilter have flushed out the FDA's USDA's [!] food safety coloring book, the "So you're going to testify in federal court" coloring book, the Black Panthers coloring book, and the unbeatable Brasco The Bear's "Right To Bear Arms" alphabet coloring book from Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership [though something tells me there's just one Jew behind it], I gave in.

Propacrayonda [metafilter via dt reader eric]



It's the USDA's food safety coloring book.

You can find the FDA/CFSAN children's materials at



[I'm so embarrassed, thanks -ed.]

I can't believe I never sent you that JPFO link before, it's awesome. And you totally left out the "Goody Gun" gun-shaped cookie cutters they sell! Not to mention the "Ask the Rabbi" section, which they seem to have re-orged somewhere, where you could ask your questions about going armed on shabbes, etc.

[I didn't mention the cookie cutters because i couldn't see a way to do so without driving some revenue and support to the Cause. And MeFi went crazy for that Brasco The Bear, "Some Laws Are Bad" t-shirt. -ed.]

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