November 30, 2007

Muji Now Ready For Your Xmas Shopping List

I was going to offer up a trip to the Muji corner at MoMA's Design Store for the toy-desperate among you [the store has some of those recycled yarn-woven animals and both New York- and Countryside-in-a-Bag, though no Suburbs in a Bag].

But then DT reader and Muji scout Rolf chimed in:

nyc, barcelona, paris, london, tokyo, hong kong all available at muji in nyc. accompanying handkerchiefs [with city maps, I assume] also available.
Whew. So except for the hordes of daytrippers, it's safe to go back to SoHo again. [Apologies to all DT's daytripping readers, of course. You're welcome in SoHo anytime. -ed.]

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