June 30, 2013

DT Roadtrip: Visiting The Muji Motherland


A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law sent this photo of a young family in Tokyo checking out a sweet-looking Muji bunkbed. I looked online and couldn't find any information on it, so we decided to go visit it in person.

So the DT crew is heading off to Japan for a couple of weeks to see what this bunkbed's all about. And in the remaining 14 days, 23.5 hours, we'll be doing other stuff: seeing family, checking out the banana box situation, traveling the countryside scouting out thatched roof farmhouses, and possibly heading to Hello Kitty Land.

Anyway, posting should be light [if it's possible to be lighter than it already has been lately], but we'll be here. Stay tuned.

Oh, and yes, the answer to a 14 hour flight with kids is iPads. But I think we all know that by now. What to do about the jetlag on the other end, I have not found anything yet.

UPDATE Oh, here's the bunkbed on the Japanese Muji site, right on the front page of the こどもの部屋 [Kid's Room] campaign. Well, the tickets are bought, and the bags are packed, so we'll go anyway.

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Ichiroheian o inoru!

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