November 19, 2007

The Racings Snails Of Thingamababy County


On the subject of snails, I'm neither here nor there, unless they're roasted in garlic butter, then I'm all for them. AJ, on the other hand, is to snails what Mark Twain is to jumping frogs.

We have no snails to race, and nowhere to get them. The closest animal thrill I can find to share with my urban kid is pointing out the rats scurrying along the third rail as we wait for the subway.

How To Host A Garden Snail Race [thingamababy]


Come to Brooklyn next spring, you can have your pick. They leave mucus trails all over my grill, and I'm tired of it. (Plus I keep stepping on them when I walk out to cook.)

Seriously? Do kids have to live on a farm to know anything about different animals. I thought we've done a good job of taking my 3 1/2 year old to the zoo, reading books about all different types of animals, etc. And then yesterday - he was looking at a book with different baseball teams and he called the Cardinals the "Pigeons".

Now I can include, "Once compared to Mark Twain" on my resume. Thanks Greg.

I was thinking... if you don't have snails, maybe you could race cockroaches.

Step 1. Buy a glue-trap Roach Motel.

Step 2. Apply racing decals to the immobile roaches.

Step 3. Hope you don't pull their legs off when you move them from the Roach Motel to the race track.

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