November 13, 2007

Someone's Been Sitting In MY Eames Chair

fractured fables, originally uploaded by mimulus7.

It's amazing what's changed design-wise since 2000, when illustrator/designer Steve Guarnaccia put out his mid-century modernist retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. For one thing, the story is actually set in the 50's, not in the Dwell-y, 21st century re-creation of it. The bears are actual, unironic hipsters, not "hipsters."

In the year 2000, you could still buy Prouve; modernist design was still an expertise, not a lifestyle. Which might explain the odd combination of Papa Bear's Rennie Mackintosh and Mama Bear's Saarinen Womb Chair Jacobsen Egg Chair [as Geoff and the belatedly discovered photo above attest], which is more MoMA architecture & design gallery than DWR. And I've never even heard of a Baby Bear-sized Eames LCW Chair; if that was some prototype Goldilocks broke, I'd feed her to the wolf myself.

Steven Guarnaccia's Goldilocks and The Three Bears: A Moderne Tale is out of print, but available on Amazon [amazon]

Previously: Oh yeah, Guarnaccia also co-wrote that rather uncritical, self-congratulatory Baby Boomer children's design book from 1994.


I think Mama's chair is actually Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair.

[d'oh, yeah, I wrote that and then found the photo. how embarassing. -ed.]

It does seem a bit contrived in that context, but I still may check it out. As much as I love Mackintosh's work, that chair seems a bit out of context with the whole 50s theme. It shoulda been a Wegner Papa Bear chair.

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