November 13, 2007

Korn's Jonathan Davis Has Three Kids Now.

Somehow I lost track of Korn, not that I followed them or anything, just what Kurt Loder told me.

But offhandedly riffing on Mr. Rogers lyrics in that scary toilet post reminded me of Jonathan Davis's own issues with Rogers and the far more severe damage he suffered as a kid.

Davis partly blamed the whole "Won't you be my neighbor!" vibe for the sexual abuse he experienced as a kid, and for his parents' refusal to believe him. Korn's songs "Daddy" on their first album and "Mr. Rogers" on their second are about dealing with the experience [though his dad wasn't the molester].

korn_maclaren.gifAnyway, now I find out that Davis has two more kids with his second wife, Deven [the name she adopted for all her girl-on-girl work] Davis [he had one son with his first]. The two new Davis boys are Pirate [b 2005] and Zeppelin [b 2007]. Zeppelin's probably teething right about now; I wonder if the crying is annoying for a freaky metalhead. Davis announced a solo acoustic tour starting this month [!], so yeah, maybe.

Also, man drives a Maclaren. Looks like a Quest, probably the 2006 Carbon which is out of production.

Jonathan Davis [wikipedia]
image: Davis and wife have baby boy []
Lyrics for Korn's "Daddy" and "Mr. Rogers" []


Can't believe you didn't mention that the kid's name is ZEPPELIN! Has a brother named Pirate. Oh, and Nathan - from a previous, non crazy marriage.

[and I can't believe you didn't see the mention. Part of me feels bad for Nathan. Maybe if he changes his middle name to Danger... -ed.]

crap - i just made myself look stoopid on the internet...

[some of us do it every day. -ed.]

I believe that Deven is a better parent than the lying cheating whore Renee was, Sorry that marriage didnt work out but shouldnt it really be about what makes Jonathan HAppy ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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