November 9, 2007

Honor Thy Godfather--Or Else: The Cosa Nostra Fifth Commandment

A police raid on the house of the new head of the Sicilian Mafia netted a list of the ten commandments of Cosa Nostra--oh, and the head of the Sicilian Mafia, who looks more like [F. Murray] Abraham than Moses....
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Sesame Street Covers Up Its Lone Exposed Breast

Well, I guess one single 1970's mention of breastfeeding on Sesame Street is one too many for today's merch-pushing execs, at least when it turns back up on YouTube. After receiving over 50,000 views in the last few weeks,...
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Start Pointing! International Adoption Study Shows Kids Learn Nouns First

A team of researchers including Harvard psychologists Jesse Snedeker and Joy Geren published the results of their study of international adoptees, whose English-acquisition technique, they figured, might yield some interesting insights on how kids learn a language. It seems they...
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Kid-Sized Shaker & The E-Chair High Chair, From Hiromatsu Furniture Co.

OK, surfing through the Hiromatsu Furniture Co. catalogue turns up some rather nice-looking pieces. Check out this sweet carved pine & wrought iron settee, for example. And also: There's something appealingly irrational, though, about getting Shaker furniture made in Japan....
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Iroiro Hiromatsu Pine Blocks

Iroiro is Japanese for various, and you write it using the kanji for color, twice. And though it's not grammatically correct, it makes a nice sound up against the Hiro in Hiromatsu Furniture Company of Ogawa, in Fukuoka. Who,...
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What The Heck? Salt Lake Nights And The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby Jeon Hong

A Utah policeman pulled over a speeding car, found a guy driving his wife to the hospital, snapped on the rubber gloves, and delivered the kid himself. Fine. But this makes no sense at all: Young Jeon and his wife,...
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