November 5, 2007

Teak 182: Danish Spindle-back Rocker By Frank Reenskaug


One day you've never heard of Frank Reenskaug; the next, his teak rocking chairs from 1958 are everywhere. But even then, you can't find out much more than that a handful of chairs are for sale [or sold.]

Good Eye, a 20th century design store in DC, just put one [above] of Reenskaug's Model 182 rockers in their eBay store. They supplied the 1958 date, and they have the lowest price: $595, plus $65-75 to ship [local pickup is free.]


Modern Times Chicago, meanwhile, identifies Bramin as the manufacturer a Model 182 with new webbing for $999 plus your own shipping [or local pickup].

Both Modcats and Surfing Cowboys have Reenskaug rocking chairs in their "sold" archives. But the only price history I can find is from Rago Sollo's auction just last week, where a Reenskaug rocker which was estimated to go for $2,000-4,000 sold for a pretty decent $2082 [$1700 + 22.5% premium] to a live bidder.

Before you quit your job to get into the mad-money world of rocker flipping, remember that price could be a total fluke, the result of two competitive schmos, who didn't mind overpaying--or a single schmo who got strung along until he reached the reserve price.

Of course, if you've got some time before your due date, you could just sit back to see if one turns up on Craigslist for $15.


Or, you could fake a firefighting injury and hope that Timothy Hutton buys one for you.

Hi. I'm a dumb ass kid. Sorta. That is, I'm 17, but out on my own and trying to grow some long-term resolve and ultimately do something that is both fulfilling and for the greater good of human evolution...and understand exactly, my motivations for doing so.

But. In the meantime, I'm staying with some wealthy friends of the family, and was practicing liado inside like a dumb ass...and kinda accidentally hacked through the left top strap of the back pad on their antique "Frank Reenskaug Spindle Back Rocking Chair"....with the apparently very rare yellow pad.

They say it's no big. Dumb. But they're not putting me on the street.
Still. I feel terrible, and want to undo the damage. Anyone know where I may find either an entire chair, or the yellow back pad (and left main support beam from which it hangs ideally) that is in good condition?

I'd be really keen on dropping a week's minimum-wage to right this wrong...

Thanks to anyone who can point me toward a distributer or something.

-the asianladwithchips

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