October 26, 2007

Graffiti Coloring Book


It's one of the things that bugs me most about DC: the graffiti in our neighborhood just plain sucks. No style at all, just one nervous hoodlum's crappy black spraypainted tag on every newspaper box.

If I thought it'd help, I'd leave one of these Graffiti Writer's Coloring Books out for him, maybe in a baggie taped to the crosswalk post. But I think it's too late for him. The kid, on the other hand, can still be taught.

To be honest, though, I'm most worried about the absence of subway cars in the coloring book; perhaps it's the Fakeproject Corporation of America who needs a little schooling in the history of the art.

Graf Paper - Graffiti Writers Coloring Book, or go straight to the PDF download [fakeproject.com via craftzine, thanks dt reader eric]

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OK, that's cooler than most things. And, while you are absolutely correct that the absence of subway cars is disturbing, this book is awesome. I love the Banksy-style black-on-white, and I love the things that DO make it into the book. C'mon, those random sidewalk power/stoplight boxes are sweet.

[indeed. and "cooler than most" may be my new tagline. though I'm lucky if it's "cooler than any" -ed.]

Thomas the tricked-out tank engine! Out here on the plains graffiti of any kind is hard to come by, much less high quality efforts. Explaining the concept to the boy should prove interesting and educational for both of us.

You need some of these graffiti report cards for your neighborhood. There is one near my house with the comment "weak sauce" - makes me smile every time I walk by.

The report card is great! That might even come in handy in my own home since my six year old has taken up scrawling her name on any flat surface she can get her hands on. Shouldn't they be done with that by three?!

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