October 22, 2007

Gold Mamas & Papas Stroller Now Amortized In 4th Quarter, Too


Ah, the changing of the seasons, and the quarterly amortization of publicity stunt-stroller expenses. A young Czech lad was photographed over the weekend riding in one of the ten Mamas & Papas Ziko Gold strollers rumored to exist. The name of this anonymous tyke is not known, but judging by his blanket, his parents appear to be fans of Praha Ringsto, the city's world-renowned field hockey club.

If you're keeping score at home, the answer is "Yes, in fact there IS such a thing as too much gold lame'." Ringsto's mom seems to have had the canopy de-lame-ified.


See full size images at Popsugar here and here [popsugar via dt reader jjdaddy-o]
Previously: Unidentified Local Dad Now Identified. As The Guy Pushing The Gold Lame Stroller.


The gold from Gwen's hair must have rubbed off on Kingston's stroller

I would also guess that that photo is of Gwen Stefani and her son, Kingston.


It may be loud, but it will be easy to sort out one's own stroller from all the other ones in the stroller corral at whatever mall, park, etc.

Won't be long before strollers will have little beepers that you attach to your keychain, to make it whoop on command so you can find the darn thing.

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