September 24, 2007

Collar-Up Stroller Mashup: Izod Lacoste X Maclaren


Unfortunately, my Preppy Handbook is in New York, so I'm unable to confirm if the upcoming Izod Lacoste edition Maclaren stroller is all-new, or a reissue of a vintage 80's model.

I considered not posting at all, because the press release says "EDITORS EMBARGO UNTIL OCTOBER" or somesuch. But I figured if the fine folks at Mac would like to involve DT in their marketing, there's a blogads button right > over > there. Besides, they already drove the rig around in public at ABC Kids Expo a few weeks ago [in oh-so-preppy Las Vegas]. And it was in the trade press almost a month ago. AND Cookie Magazine, so whatever. This is how [some of] your stroller news is made, people!

For what it's worth, I do feel tacky talking about money, though: at $400, it's either $100 or $180 more than the comparable non-Izod stroller. But then isn't that exactly the "a horse is a horse" logic your mom had when she bought that Stafford Collection shirt for you at Penney's? And how'd that turn out, hmm?

Parenting is like sixth grade, just with your own money this time.


The stroller comes with a hat and polo...also it's no longer Izod

[true and unfortunately true, I guess I'm old fashioned like that. -ed.]

Ugly. They should stop letting fashion designers design stroller padding. It always ends up ugly.

stroller looks's great for a dad. Instead of those wussy looking strollers. This is cool
where can I get it

Parenting is like sixth grade, just with your own money this time.

This explains the moms walking up behind me and tripping me at the supermarket!

holy crap, Greg. were you in my 6th grade class?

I saw this at the ABC Kids Expo and I really liked it a lot, but I thought the Shanghai Tang Maclaren was so much more cool!

[I originally had a link to your pics, but then I found earlier embargo-breaking from Kids Today. Personally, I have a fatwa against Shanghai Tang from when they moved into my neighborhood a few years back, but I know they have fans. -ed.]

so this seems to beg the question of whats the diff between a mashup and just branding overload. my sense was that mashup had to do with relatively obscure or up-and-coming things interacting in a way to make them o-so-cooler, not lacoste deciding, after however many years of shirst and hand bags, to just cover a whole stroller.
and the other question is - why a maclaren? is that really the demographic?

[feet to the fire, i'd probably consider it a colabo instead of a mashup, which is more transformative. And given Maclaren's established MO of designer editions, I would finger them as the instigators. The more I look at this, though, the less it works for me. At first I was just put off by the giant LACOSTE on the seat, but then, when the kid's in there, it gets covered up. Then the alligators start to bug me even more. Why not just stick one alligator on the side of an all-plain stroller and declare victory? -ed.]

It's fun how times change. I worked at JcPenney for 4 years... Stafford actually sold a lot better than Izod :O)

I just can't wait to see the Fendi Aprica that was debuted at Kind + Jugend. Pretty soon we'll have a stroller to match every purse on the market!

[that last sentence sounds like the perfect tag line for something, not sure what... -ed.]

I think this edition is so cool, actually! Better than any leather/diamond edition the can release. It's too expensive, you can get the same stroller much cheaper in other fabric, you're paying mostly of being a Lacoste thing, but I think it looks classy but also trendy.

I saw this stroller at the ABC show and it was hot! They are only making 1000 of them though.

I love the Lacoste stroller can we buy it in the uk ??? I would be gratefull if any one could tell me X

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