September 18, 2007

Les Savy Fav Frontman Tim Harrington Drives A Bugaboo!

From the silly- and hairy-as-it-sounds Village Voice photo series, "The Back Tattoos of McCarren Pool Park":


Don't know why Maclaren Guy's hiding; after all, he's the responsible one with the baby headphones. Must be the drummer, Harrison Haynes.

On a related note: the only changing pad in stock right now at the Harrington family home accessories business, Deadly Squire, is in the mustardy Blackbirds After The Harvest print, which Tim explains was inspired by Neil Young albums.


The Back Tattoos of McCarren Pool Park [, image: rebecca smeyne]
quilted cotton pima changing pad, $25 []

Hey! According to their MySpace, LSF is kicking off a tour this weekend in NYC for their new album, "Let's Stay Friends" [myspace]


That's how the RISD peeps roll!

i can't believe you're blogging about les savy fav on here. a+. but what does this pic have to do with back tattoos? also - harrison haynes has one of my favourite names ever... love the alliteration.

[I think the photographer was just surprised to see Harrington with a shirt on. -ed.]

his apartment was featured on design*sponge a while back, with nursery + kid stuff.

man, bugaboos are so not punk rock. but, whatever. I guess you can't push the kid around in one of those old-chinese-lady laundry carts.

[here's the link; I totally remember that Amanda Barr log, but I did not make the LSF connection at all. Chinese laundry cart stroller=one of the more tragic victims of Brooklyn gentrification. -ed.]

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