July 26, 2007

BBC: It's Short For Busting Bulgarian Childsmuggling


Yes, it's that time of year, when someone at the BBC decides they'd like to summer in Bulgaria, so they arrange for a story about babysmuggling.

This time, the BBC conducted a month-long sting operation that resulted in three arrests so far. Unlike the most recent cases, where pregnant Bulgarian women were taken to France to give birth--and sell their newborns for EUR10,000, this smuggling operation deals in toddlers, which go for around EUR60,000.

Above is "Harry" the humansmuggler, on hidden camera, talking about his payments [1/3, 1/3, 1/3] and his route ["always" does Calais, but he's thinking about the ferry from Northern Ireland this time]. He says he's sold babies already to Norway and Germany.

And below, exclusive and dramatic footage of Harry getting busted while making the drop.


You'll notice the baby was outfitted with an radio tracking device and was at no time in actual danger. Also, he got his SAG card out of it, so really, it's win-win.

BBC exposes Bulgarian baby trade [bbc.co.uk]
Previously: Baby-Smugglin' Romas Busted


Well, you may consider this blatant self-promotion, but I'll take the risk. You don't have to play along.


[since you're not blatantly promoting Bulgarian babies for sale... -ed.]

Why are toddlers worth more than newborns? I would have expected babies to depreciate faster than a Ford Explorer. Instead you're telling me they appreciate 500% in a few short years? Irrational exuberance I say.

[I'd imagine it's risk/complication, time&trouble. It's easy to smuggle a pregnant lady around, but have you tried traveling with a toddler from Bulgaria to Birmingham via the ferry on the backside of Northern Ireland? PITA. -ed.]

Closer to potty training. That has to be worth something.

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