July 11, 2007

We Need More PVC-Based Strollers, Please


You can keep your snooty French Riviera beach strollers, eBay. Because here in US of A, when we need wheeled mobility on the beach, we have everything we need, thanks to our good, old-fashioned American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The ATI Beach Baby Stroller by North Carolina-based Assisted Technologies, Inc. is created from "high quality Furniture Grade polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) tubing," and it seriously rocks in a refreshingly no-fuss, no-nonsense way.

Seriously, doesn't every other stroller seem over-engineered by comparison? Rather than pursuing CAD-CAM sleekness and high-performance ad nauseam, maybe what the baby gear industry--and the stroller sector in particular--needs is a low-tech reboot. I mean, just think of the power behind Don Schoendorfer's lawn chair-and-bike-wheel design for the Free Wheelchair Mission. $44.60 that changes the world.
Bought retail, the PVC and webbing alone costs several times more than the cheap-assest umbrella strollers at Wal-Mart, so a hack-together stroller wouldn't be a solution for the entry level. But the modular possibilities have to be bigger than just the assisted mobility niche market that ATI's serving, right? Or is it really just stroller weirdos like me?

ATI Beach Baby Stroller. They also have a beautiful. matching Beach Wheelchair. price on request [ATI via marty of gearability]
Previously: Badass Wheelchairs by Lasher

update stainless steel is also acceptable. whoa, daddy, that is a fine piece of equipment.


Dudes: That's my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Seriously. That's my father-in-law's company that makes that stuff.

[dude. we'll figure out why you've been holding out on us later. First up, lock FIL in his workshop and don't let him come out until he's cranked out half a dozen more sweet stroller designs. -ed.]

Wow, that is pretty sweet looking. However, for the hefty price of nearly $800 unless I'm going to the beach everyday, I'm pretty sure I could put together something similar on my own.

They should rent those things out though!

Isn't PVC supposed to be evil?

[a technicality, I'm sure we can innovate around it. And worst case, it probably floats, so if the oceans rise, it'll complement our Waterworld-like existence just fine. -ed.]

I walk with a 3 wheeled rollator. It doesn't move on sand or snow. I like the design here. Can you revise it and make it a sand rollator?

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