June 22, 2007

Whoa. The Man Pram Concept By Mamas & Papas

How It Starts: "In a recent poll by Yellow Pages relating to 'pram envy,' Mamas & Papas was voted the most popular type of pram at 26.6%. To publicise the survey Yellow Pages would like to illustrate the story with a 'man pram' designed by the M&P team" [Survey conducted: Oct. 2006. Survey announced: Dec. 2006.]

What It Yields: "...So step aside mum, and lets talk tyre pressure and turning circles, ride quality and feel and let's look forward to a future where all metrosexual men are able to put their authority on fatherhood and their very own "Man Pram."
- Nigel Plested, Design Director [copyright notice 2007]

How We Hear About It: "Confidential future concept pushchair envisioned for men...very cool top secret project!!! not realesed [sic] to public"
- YouTube.com [posted 2 hrs ago, 15 views.]

What It Looks Like: The Segway-inspired sketches are long overdue. [and look much safer than the DIY version] The Stokke Xplory-inspired sketch is fleeting, but the raised seat thing seems to be catching on. And the Roller Buggy folks who exhibited at the London Design Festival in Sept. 2006 will be flattered. After being placated.

Mamas & Papas future concept pushchair for men [youtube via anon]

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Aeon Flux Drives A Stokke Xplory!!






Is that a DVD player shoved in the baby's face? Gross. Or is it meant to be some kind of computer for the dude pushing the stroller? I guess because the man is so important he can't be away from the internets even for the 15 minutes it takes to go for a walk.

[according to the YP survey, "Dream special features" of a man pram "include an electric cover, a DVD player, live football scores, satellite navigation, power steering and even a speedometer" I call pushchair push poll bullshit on that list of features. -ed.]

My own poll (sample size: me) lists the following features:
-not pink
-no Graco-esque plaid patterns
-folds easily
-big basket for groceries
-bigger cupholder than our Peg Perego (apparently Italian designers have never heard of a Starbucks insulated coffee mug)
-can be handled with one hand
-adjustable handle (I'm a foot taller than my wife)
-has built-in cargo hooks on the handlebar made of aluminum (the plastic ones we bought in Japan broke after a year)

I can't think of a single stroller that meets all of these requirements, yet none of them would be very hard to do... much easier than DVD players, football scores, etc.

[no one would call a hook a "dream feature"; when it works, pushers don't even think about it, but mfr's call it "an unnecessary liability expense" -ed.]

I like the roller buggy idea, but hate this.The roller buggy you at least have to propel yourself.
Is the assumption men are too lazy to even push the baby? Plus the wheel base is too large to even consider going into any shops with, so men don't need to shop either?

My dream pushchair would be...actually, I'm going to design my own. Any ideas how much it costs to produce a stroller? :)

What? No texting ability? How will I communicate with the child?

i think the Skate is a man pram. My husband chose it. I dont know why there is nothing on here about the Skate.

The reason the Skate isn't mentioned here is because it came out several months after this Manpram post was written.

But as the link above points out, for all the Skate's manprammy awesomeness, Peg Perego targets it solely at women, as a "fabulous" and "chic" fashion accessory.

hi i want one but how much are these 'man prams' me and my partner want one for our son

A man pram - the mind boggles! It would probably have a beer cooler built in.

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