May 24, 2007

Mmmm, MB C63 AMG Wagon Spy Shots Make Daddy Smile, Too


September in Frankfurt, anyone?

Mercedes’ new-generation C-Class will be available in C 63 AMG guise with the firm’s sophisticated 6.3-litre V8, capable of pumping a massive 520 bhp but likely to be tamed to around 400 to 420 bhp for the compact saloon and estate, as our pictures reveal for the very first time.
SPY PHOTOS: Mercedes C 63 AMG Wagon [ via jalopnik]


Sweet... that's just insane power for a family hauler. As nice as it sounds I'd rather take one with a diesel engine if they have them.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised you never posted anything about the 2008 Jetta Wagon... the rumours are saying 40/60 mpg for the 2.0 TDI version, and it looks kinda like a mini-Cayenne (that is to say "like a potato with wheels, but a *cool* potato with wheels"), especially with the un-VW-ish tail lamps. Still, it sounds like the family hauler to beat, if I can convince myself that VW has licked their reliability problems.

[you know, I just saw my first one in person last week. I was thinking the same thing. looked surprisingly fine. -ed.]

Oops... you did, and that's probably where I read it first too... :)

The new VW shape has really grown on me... and the numbers on that 2.0 TDI coming out of Europe are astounding... not only does it nearly beat my dad's old '77 diesel Rabbit for fuel economy but it has decent horsepower, crazy torque (of course... it's a diesel after all) and is supposedly quiet and super clean.

Also, if I run the car on bio-diesel, not only will it look like a potato with wheels but it'll smell like french fries as well...

[did someone say bio-diesel?? -ed.]

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